GEORGE MIKES | English Humor for Beginners

GEORGE MIKES | English Humor for Beginners

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El libro que disecciona el "humor inglés"

If you want to succeed here you must be able to handle the English sense of humour. So proclaims George Mikes' timeless exploration of this curious phenomenon. Whether it's understatement, self-deprecation or plain cruelty, the three elements he identifies as essential to our sense of humour, being witty here is a way of life.

Perfectly placed as an adopted Englishman himself, Mikes delivers his shrewd advice - helpfully divided into 'Theory' and 'Practice' - with a comic precision that does his chosen country proud. Drawing on a trove of examples from our rich comic canon, from Orwell ("Every joke is a tiny revolution") to Oscar Wilde, this is the essential handbook for natives and foreigners alike.

Mrs Kennedy: "I don't think, Mr Churchill, that I have told you anything about my grandchildren."
Winston Churchill: "For which, madam, I am infinitely grateful."

George Mikes (pronounced 'me-cash'), was born in Hungary 1912. In 1938 he moved to London to become the correspondent for a Hungarian newspaper, and then he never left. A keen observer of the behaviour and misbehaviour of foreigners and natives in Britain, he is frequently cited by later authors including Kate Fox and Jeremy Paxman. He died in London in 1987.

Nota: al copiar la biografía del autor y ver que su nombre se pronuncia "me-cash" pensamos que era fake. Pero no, todos los datos son ciertos. George Mikes es autor de algunos de los libros de humor más vendidos del Reino Unido durante los sesenta. Todos ellos son guías humorísticas como los célebres How to be an alien o How to be poor.