DAVID SEDARIS | Dress your Family in Corduroy & Denim

DAVID SEDARIS | Dress your Family in Corduroy & Denim

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El quinto libro de Sedaris. Traducido aquí como "Un vestido de domingo"

1. "Us and Them" - childhood memories of a family "who don't believe in TV"

2. "Let It Snow" - the day when Sedaris's mother locked her children out in the snow

3. "The Ship Shape" - childhood memories of the second home that his father never bought

4. "Full House" - a childhood game of strip poker gives the young Sedaris a touching moment 5. "Consider the Stars" - reflecting on the cool kid at school

6. "Monie Changes Everything" - Sedaris' rich aunt

7. "The Change in Me" - the 13-year-old Sedaris wants to act like a hippie

8. "Hejira" - Sedaris' father kicks him out of his house due to his homosexuality

9. "Slumus Lordicus" - Sedaris' father's experiences as a landlord of a section 8 apartment complex in the early 80s.

10. "The Girl Next Door" - Sedaris' relationship with a girl from a troubled family

11. "Blood Work" - a case of mistaken identity while cleaning houses

12. "The End of the Affair" - Sedaris and Hugh's different reactions to a love story

13. "Repeat After Me" - Sedaris' visit to his sister Lisa, and his family's feelings about being the subject of his essays

14. "Six to Eight Black Men" - thoughts about the traditional Dutch Christmas story, among other cultural oddities

15. "Rooster at the Hitchin' Post" - Sedaris' younger brother is born and gets married

16. "Possession" - searching for a new apartment, and Anne Frank's house

17. "Put a Lid on It" - a visit to Sedaris' sister Tiffany's home, and their relationship

18. "A Can of Worms" - Sedaris's mind wanders as he, Hugh, and a friend eat at a diner

19. "Chicken in the Henhouse" - prejudiced attitudes towards homosexuals in America

20. "Who's the Chef?" - bickering between two people in a long-term relationship

21. "Baby Einstein" - the arrival of his brother's first baby

22. "Nuit of the Living Dead" - a late night encounter at home in rural France